Mas Factory

1.Design and Shop Drawing:

MAS Factory for Precast and Concrete Products  (MASFPCP) offers a complete design service to include shop drawings and redesign of the entire structure to suit pre-cast systems. To enable MASFPCP to offer this service,they retain the services of an International Consultant and Managers to locally based design office which is well experience in all design aspects of pre-cast and pre-stressed concrete and GRC.


2.  Production Capacity

MASFPCP have Annually capacity to produce over 312,000 m2 of Hollow Core slabs and 26,000 cubic meters of Pre-cast Concrete Products at the moment. This will be surpassed once expansion facilities will be completed. Production is carried out to the highest standard and in accordance with American, British and Saudi Arabian Standards and Practices.


3.  Experience.

MAS Factory for Precast and Concrete Products  have fully trained teams of Managers, Technicians and Operatives who are fully conversant with the design, production and erection of all pre-cast products.


4.  Quality Control

The Quality Control Engineers and Technicians of Assad Said Pre-cast maintains comprehensive Quality Assurance and Control Procedures to inspect, test all products and materials and operate extensive Test Schedules in suitable equipped in-house laboratory. Quality Control Plan and Procedures is prepared for all new contracts, if required. All Procedures and Test results is routinely reviewed by the International Consultant of MASFPCP.


5.  Transport

MAS Factory for Precast and Concrete Products  transport fleet supervisors have considerable experience of transporting pre-cast products and can deliver to all parts of the Kingdom.


6.  Raw Materials

MASFPCP have identified the most suitable local materials and maintains large stocks to ensure all necessary materials are available in the production. All materials selected for inclusion in the production process and tested to ensure compliance to relevant Local and International Standards.