International Concrete pipe factory

GM Word

Dear Our Clients

Our pleasure to introduce our company ICP. ICP was founded as a leading manufacturer of precast concrete products; we provide good and high quality products whilst being committed to continuous improvement, through our good technical resources, research and development, quality procedures and evaluating customer satisfaction

The ICP business is built on a solid reputation for delivering high quality products and providing a first class service, with diversification and innovation the key to our strength, we supply a vast range of sustainable precast products to all sectors of the construction industry, fully supported by our experienced technical and engineering teams.

To ensure attention to detail and quality, the business is split into different product lines as follow

  • Concrete pipes
  • Manholes

ICP has built long-term partnerships with both customers and suppliers, including major contractors.  We listen to our customers and work closely with them to provide solutions based on the sound design and engineering knowledge we have acquired through years of working in construction industry.  In turn our suppliers work with us to constantly improve the quality of the products we manufacture and supply


Eng Mohamed Ammar

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