Early and General Civil Works At PP13 Contract No. 4400004960


  • 2016
  • Dhurma, Saudi Arabia
  • Saudi Electricity Co.
  • Assad Said For Contracting Co. Ltd..
  • SAR 446,283,061.00

Project Overview

Complete  Foundation Works  of Power Generation Building, Pipe Racks and Miscellaneous Works, Gas Turbine Generator  Foundations and Slab Paving, HRSG  Foundations and Pits, Storage Tank Foundation,  Electrical Underground Structures and Grounding, Underground Piping, Manholes and culverts, Underground Water  Tank, Pits and Lifting Station, STG Miscellaneous Foundation and Slab Paving,  ACC Misc. Foundations, WSAC, Pump Foundations and ASL Containment Walls, Pre-Engineered Building Foundations and Slabs, Erosion Control, Evaporation Ponds, Roads and Walkways and Transformer Foundations.