Construction of Riyadh PP11 2 x 1,750MW Independent Power Plant


  • 2013
  • Dhurma, Saudi Arabia
  • Saudi Electricity Co.
  • Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Ltd..
  • 113,985,437.00

Project Overview

Complete Foundation Works of Gas & Steam Turbine Building, Local Electrical Building for GTG & STG , Fuel Gas Compressor Shade , HP Feed Water Pump Shade, Fuel Gas Reduction Shade , H2 Bottle Shade, N2 Bottle Shade for HRSG, N2 Bottle Shade for Fuel Gas system , Chemical Dosing Shade, Car Parking Canopy, Local Electrical Building for HRSG & CCW, Local Electrical Building for Fuel Gas System,  Hydrogen Generation Building, CO2 Bottle House, Central Fire Brigade Building, Social Building, Security Control Building, Gate house, ACC Electrical Building, Emergency Diesel Generator Building, Elevator for HRSG .

Total Volume of Reinforced Concrete

40,173 m3

Total Weight of Rebar's

2,223 Tons